Formerly a teacher math and science teacher, a few years ago I transitioned into software engineering. I enjoy solving technical problems in pursuit of a shared organizational mission, but still retain a love of teaching and mentoring younger engineers.

I am currently employed at Property Meld, a startup located in Rapid City, South Dakota. We make software which simplifies the maintenance process for property management companies.

Property Meld

I am a full-stack engineer at Property Meld. We are a small enough company that everyone gets to wear many hats - I've built features, managed infrastructure, improved our local development environment and CI/CD pipeline, served as the support escalation, met with customers and more. Here are some highlights:

  • Served as tech lead on a redesign project. This project had dual aims of delivering consistent and excellent UI/UX and improving developer velocity. I created a library of shared react components which were easy for developers to use and also kept them on the happy path of adhering to our style guidelines.
  • Maintained and improved our local development environment, which supported both Macs and Linux machines, and which consisted of containerized (using Docker) versions of our various key services (such as our Django web server, Celery task queue and its associated workers, Elasticsearch and Kafka producers and consumers)
  • Informally mentored younger engineers on the team. Though I haven't been a software engineer long I have found that my experience in the classroom has been invaluable in communicating with others.


Trellis is an open-source, low configuration deployment pipeline for serverless applications.

Built as a serverless application, it allows teams to quickly set up deployment pipelines for applications hosted on AWS. Automate deployments of development environments to AWS, and maintain manual control over deployments to production.

Trellis architecture

More about me

A longtime computer hobbyist, I fell into IT over a decade ago when I figured out how to print to the copy machine and set all the other teachers up to do the same. Since then I've continually learned more about computer technology up and down the stack.

I'm comfortable with JavaScript/TypeScript and Python, and I've dabbled in Go and Rust. I've used several AWS services, and am interested in serverless applications, DevOps, internal tooling and application performance.

My current hobby project is prediction-ledger , a TUI written in Rust I can use to track my predictions and my prediction accuracy over time - for should we not judge those who make predictions on whether they came true? It is built using ratatui , and I plan to use it to explore SQLite, WASM and leptos.

In my spare time I enjoy playing table tennis in my local club and tending my beehives.